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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bright & Bold | Nikia Provenzano | Mad Maven

Bright & Bold | Nikia Provenzano | Mad Maven
Saturday, July 29, 2017
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Happy Saturday everyone!

I wanted to kick off the weekend with a bold and bright post featuring one of my favorite models/bloggers/fashion designers/ boss babes... the absolutely stunning Nikia Provenzano aka Mad Maven Style.

We've worked together only a handful of times but after each session I rush home to get my hands on our photos, and I am always in awe. Nikia has such a distinct style and isn't afraid to take chances when it comes to fashion. Her boldness is admirable and inspiring for so many reasons.

For me Nikia is a person who is willing to take chances not only in the fashion industry but in life. Our talks over dinners have been nothing less than motivating. She is a woman who is determined to make an impact on the world with bold statements in and outside of her photographs. Nikia stands up for what she believes in but does so with compassion and grace. 

I wanted to bring a new element to the blog, something that could connect my readers to the people of the photographs even further. Nikia is the first to have conducted a mini interview with me and I am so excited to share her answers.

Q: "You have such a unique aura in all of your images, how would you describe your signature style?" 

A: "My signature style always starts with a statement jewelry piece and ends with a bold lipstick. I like to think of my style as Vintage Islander or 90's Islander. Haha it's weird but I dig it."

Q: " Handling so many different jobs and roles as a model, a blogger, a designer, a jewelry maker... it seems like so much to handle. How do you stay constantly inspired?"

A: "The way I stay inspired is I'm always trying to stay busy. Always being inspired by my friends and others that do the same things I am. Design is an endless road of possibilities, I usually look up cool runway show photos and try to tweak and replicate certain designs to what I'd like them to be. I'm super ADD though, so I'm always hopping from one thing to the next."

Q: " Alright, now for a fun question... If you could hangout with anyone (dead or alive) for a day who would it be and why? "

A: " Oh man, what a hard question! I would want to hang out with my grandmas again, both of them. They died when I was pretty young, but I'd love to just sit and talk to them about things in their childhood and past. Fashion, love, life. Intimate things only women could discuss in full detail. Man, i'd really love that. Is that a boring answer? Haha I guess someone famous would be Estelle Getty! I mean, she was the best character in the Golden Girls."

 Love Nikia's style as much as I do? Want to treat yourself and order a pair of custom pom earrings?
Click on the links below to view her instagram accounts, blog, and shop!

Nikia's website/blog

Nikia's Instagram

The cutest pom earrings ever...

Side note... we had such an awesome response from artists and I have to share their work. One artist oliviaillustrations designed an incredible pin using inspo from our session.

And another artist vogue.illustration created and crafted this beautiful piece... swoon!

Be bright & be bold!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baby's on the Way | J & M

Baby's on the Way | J & M
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Is it just me or is everyone about to have a baby?

I have done about two maternity sessions each week for the past few months and I am loving every single one and for a different reason each time. 

I met Jessica back in 2006 when my mom and her had worked together in a salon. Since then, Jessica has become a part of the family. We welcome her on family vacations to relax by the pool,  I've photographed some of the biggest milestones in her life, such as her wedding last year, and she has helped me through some of the biggest and toughest moments in mine like breakups, new careers, and everyday struggles.

I can remember when I had heard the news that Jessica was pregnant. I started to tear up, and then proceeded to tell everyone around me that one of my most favorite people was going to make the most incredible mom. Jessica is gentle, caring, and compassionate, truly one of the kindest people that I have ever known and the same goes for her husband Mo.

I wanted to share these photographs with you all not only because of how much I love the location and the light, but because of how much I love the people in them and how much they mean to me.

Congratulations to Jessica & Mo. I cannot wait to welcome your little love into this world.

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