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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird

It's not everyday that your clients fly out from Utah to get their engagement photos done. What an honor it was to photograph so much love... 

Austin & Hannah

In a few short months these two will be tying the knot and dedicating the rest of their lives to each other. It's always fun for me to meet couples and pick up all the vibes they are putting down.  At first I just thought to myself, WOW! They are so cute together... but the more the session went on the more I thought, WOW! They are perfect for each other. 

During the few hours we spent taking these photographs, we had shared a lot of laughs and shed quite a few happy tears. At first I thought that they were joking when they had told me that they wanted a few photos in the water, like something out of The Notebook, but once we had gotten waist deep, I realized that they were completely serious. 

We couldn't contain our laughter as the waves would crash over us, spinning and twirling us through the water. The first time Austin and Hannah had wiped out, I saw Austin run through the water back towards Hannah, with the biggest smile on his face; a playful concern. Hannah picked herself up, looked back towards Austin, laughed, and then stumbled and quickly fell back down. Their lightheartedness towards each other was evident through their wide smiles and laughter as Austin picked her up and laid a gentle kiss on her.

Sessions like these make me realize that I have the best job in the entire world, being constantly surrounded and encompassed by unconditional, everlasting love. 

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